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Start From Where You Are

Change your life today

There are some things taught and some things we are born with, but the difference can be made up with hard work and commitment. Those natural born entrepreneurs will profit from my dollar sign method as well as the new entrepreneur. The concept as first stated in Start From Where You Are, by Ken Esrig, is uncomplicated to understand and is the basis for the training you will need to win in business.

The most important thing to remember when growing your business, is why you are doing all of the hard work and taking all of the risks. It is often important to invest in your company for a long time before you can take a profit or a pay check from the revenue generated by the company.

It is easy to lose focus on “who and what” is really important in the big scheme of things. The entrepreneur must keep her business going and must always reinvest some of the money generated and then some more. The dollar sign sandwich places your name at the top of the page and above all else. No task or project should over shadow the reason you went into business in the first place. The entrepreneur’s mission statement should only include your name and making money.

The entrepreneur’s mission statement is represented by placing your name at the top of every worksheet and deal you are working on at the time. Write or type five dollar signs followed by your name then followed by five dollar signs; creating a “dollar sign sandwich.” While working on a project your entrepreneur mission statement should top each and every worksheet.

Place it on your computer and cell phone homepage. Put it where you can stop yourself before you make a bad decision. Ask yourself how the actions you planning to take will put profits in your pocketbook. Remember that you should be the direct beneficiary of all of your deals and hard work. It is easy to forget as you grow your company from the ground up. Some things like purchasing computers, insurance, taxes and all of the items you must have to produce your final product are required but how does it affect you?

Will you be able to get the kind of return you want when you make a sale? Will you spend and borrow too much money to ever become profitable. This is a very common and potentially fatal mistake new entrepreneurs make. After losing money a few times you will start your next project with a dollar sign sandwich at the top of your page as your mission statement.

The transfer of money from the left side of your name to the right side represents the money you want and the dollar signs on the right of your name represent the dollars you actually receive from your company’s efforts. So what does it mean to be committed to a dollar sign sandwich mission statement?

You will always pause before signing any document or make any purchase to think about what it will mean to you and your money. We all make bad purchases and slowing down and focusing on your name encased by dollars will not guarantee that you will make the right decision. It will however give you pause to rethink how badly you need the transaction. Think if this is helping you with your mission or does it help the other person with their own dollar sign sandwich; and then think another time.

You may like a deal or opportunity and realize the risk, but then you should never have any regrets if you proceed. If you could not make a transaction or project make sense after your dollar sign sandwich review, then you can be sure it will not look better later. Trust in your commitment to your entrepreneur mission statement and always remember to stop, look at your dollar sign sandwich, and then move ahead with no regrets and no second thoughts.

After you have lost every thing or at least more money than you can afford, look back at your dollar sign sandwich and remember this thought. You can do anything you want to if you believe in your dream, are willing to work harder and longer than anyone else and Start From Where You Are. Sandwiching yourself in money or dollar signs feels great and is what business is all about. Place yourself in a dollar sign sandwich and don’t you ever get out!

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