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Starting from where you are is easy!

There are many types and definitions of business. There are also many sayings about business, such as, “business is business”, “it’s just business” and the ever popular “it’s my business”. But there is one thing that makes a business a business, that is when sales are made or a deal completed in which the money moves from someone else’s account into your account. That’s business

Most stores and restaurants proudly display the first dollar they earned. The symbolism of the dollar far exceeds the value of the currency itself. It represents the fact that another person wanted what you were offering in your business. It confirms your dream. Until you make the first sale, you may be incorporated, but you are not really in business.

Every business has to make money to stay operational. Sooner or later the money needs to stop coming from the owner and start coming in from clients and sales.The ability to generate revenue far exceeds other aspects of the business and yet most of us feel that we have to do more preparation before we can begin to market/sell our product than is necessary.

Recently while I was filming a television show in Cincinnati, I had an audience member who had a product that was touted as ” the best apple butter in the world”. She had spent years working on her labels and packaging. Her followers thought that she had a great product but she had no sales.

When she was asked about her future plans for this wonderful culinary treat that she created, she said that she wanted to work on the packaging some more. “WHAT??? Excuse me”, I said. After years of having everyone tell her that her product rocks, she has never sold one single jar.

“Ma’am”, I said in utter shock, ” I would like for you to go buy a case of jars and have someone print you a label”. “I have all of that”, she claimed, “but I want to market to supermarket chains and they require approved packaging”, she explained.She had been working on this project for years and had a wonderful presentation but she was focused on a market she was not ready for.

She should be going to gourmet shops and country stores and even the airport shores for some local treat to buy at the airport. National markets were so far out of her reach that she would eventually lose interest and go back to making it for her friends and family only. She will never be in “business ” if she does not begin to think about sales first.

This example holds true for many start up businesses. While you are preparing for your first sale, you are wasting time and spending money. Most businesses never get off the ground because they cannot figure out how to generate a profit.The focus on money seems to become an after thought of new entrepreneurs.

The chores become the focus of the effort rather than converting the same energy into pre- selling your products or services. A farmer might find a co-op to buy her produce while the “product” is still in the ground. It makes life easier if you have money coming in while you are still producing your product (Would you like to preorder my latest book, Start From Where You Are?). See what I am saying? The farmer is now focused on farming while the sales are already completed. The alternative is much more difficult to our hard working farmer.

She may have had a difficult time raising the money for her seeds and labor rather than have the co-op prepay her. Her energy would have to be focused on selling while she was producing her crops instead of giving all of her time to her farming efforts. A perishable product combined with a bad market or late crop can be devastating. Sales are always the solution to financial problems.

More sales means more money and validates that your business is real. After the first dollars are made the focus should remain on new sales all of the time.Each month,when the bills come due, there are two scenarios as to how to pay them. The first is taking the revenue from your business after it is in your checking account and ready for the commitment to fulfill your obligations. The second is that you either dig in your wallet or borrow the money to pay your bills.

The first is the viable solution to your businesses future. Producing revenue must be the focus not only in the beginning but always. With so much competition in every industry the hardest thing to do is to find clients to pay you for what you provide. Do not forget that every business is really the same. Money comes in to pay the expenses and the rest is profit. That’s all there is, but no one ever said it was easy.

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