Everyone who makes the decision to become an entrepreneur plans for their successes. When writing a business plan no one ever thinks about firing employees or even worse, letting them go the day after Thanksgiving with no clue as to what was coming down on them.

After 25 years in business, I had to fire someone who did not expect to be fired. It was the day after Thanksgiving and she was a highly compensated manager who had been working for my organization for approximately a year and a half. She had not done anything that would cause her to get fired as far as she was concerned. She had however alienated the rest of my team and they did not want her there anymore.

On black Friday, when everyone else was shopping, I was in the office drafting separation papers and assuring the continuity of my business and it’s security would not suffer as a result of the firing of a key employee.

Entrepreneurs fire people and it never feels good. Try to plan your actions and have a replacement ready or in the wings. Be compassionate and caring. She was married and caring for her parents and now with the holidays coming fast, she has no job.

Remember when you start your business, that there are really tough decisions to be made and firing someone is never easy. But, I would rather be the one doing the deed than the one getting the ax.