About Ken Esrig

Ken Esrig is originally from New York City but grew up in Birmingham, Alabama.

After graduating from the University of Alabama with a Bachelors Degree in healthcare management, he became one of the youngest assistant administrators of a hospital in the country at the age of 21.

After 5 years he returned to graduate school at the University of Alabama Birmingham, where he received a Masters Degree in hospital & health administration.

Ken went on to become a hospital CEO and Regional Vice President for a national hospital corporation. He later started MIST Healthcare Services in 1991.

Mr. Esrig has owned medical practices, rehab centers, imaging networks and is currently the general partner for Delray MRI. MIST Healthcare Services is still today the backbone of his consulting company.

In 2011 Ken created MIST Productions using the same proven methods to help clients in all aspects of business.

Author Ken Esrig

Author Ken Esrig signs his new book for a fan

His first two books took him on national tour & he has spoken to crowds around the world about how to motivate themselves to achieve their goals.

His latest books, Start From Where You Are & Find the Millionaire in Your Mirror, will be coming out shortly.

He has begun his Find the Millionaire in your Mirror tour to show his audiences how they can achieve both financial and personal success.